Humana Medicare Insurance Review 2021

Humana Medicare Insurance Review 2021

January 13, 2021 Off By administrator

Pros Explained

  • Widely available across the country: Humana Medicare Advantage plans are available in more counties than any other insurer, and at least one type of Humana Medicare plan is available in every state plus Puerto Rico.
  • No copayments for COVID-19 testing and treatment: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many health plans temporarily waived copayments for COVID-19 testing. Humana extended these waivers for COVID-19 testing and treatment for 2021.
  • High-quality plans: 92% of Humana Medicare Advantage members were enrolled in a plan rated 4 stars or higher by CMS, the agency the oversees Medicare. J.D. Power also ranked Humana third overall in its 2020 U.S. Medicare Advantage Study.
  • Special pricing at Walmart for certain Prescription Drug Plans: Humana offers a relatively low-cost Stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan co-branded with Walmart, which gives members lower costs when they get their prescriptions at Walmart locations.
  • Humana Pharmacy is number one for mail-order prescriptions: All Humana Medicare members with prescription drug coverage with mail-order benefits can use Humana Pharmacy, the top-rated mail-order prescription service according to J.D. Power.

What You Need to Know

Many health insurers temporarily waived copayments for COVID-19 testing and some did so for treatment. Humana has committed to no copayments for COVID-19 testing and treatment in 2021.

Cons Explained

  • Some Humana plans do not score well for satisfaction: NCQA, the accrediting body, gives Humana plans mixed results, with several subsidiaries scoring poorly on customer satisfaction.
  • Humana’s ownership may change: Any company can be acquired, but Humana has been an acquisition target in the past, and reports suggest Walmart could buy them.

Available Plans

Humana offers several Medicare Advantage plan options, with different benefits, costs, and rules. Members with prescription drug coverage can save money by using Humana Pharmacy, the top-rated mail-order pharmacy from 2018 to 2020.

HMO Plans 

Humana’s Medicare Advantage HMO plans typically need a referral from your primary care provider (PCP) to see specialists, but you can switch PCPs if you’re not happy. These plans cover the benefits of Original Medicare along with extra benefits. Most Humana HMO plans include SilverSneakers fitness benefits and many include prescription drug coverage. 

PPO Plans

Humana’s PPO plans allow you to visit any Medicare-approved doctor without a referral, regardless of whether they specifically participate in Humana’s provider network. Your costs will generally be lower when you visit in-network health care providers. Specific benefits vary depending on location, but many of these plans include home health services, prescription drug coverage, and extra benefits such as nutritional supplements and fitness, vision, and dental benefits. Humana’s PPO plans also cover you when you travel…

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