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Adaptive evolution | MEAT+POULTRY

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News from https://www.meatpoultry.com/articles/25981-adaptive-evolution High demands call for even higher standards. Known for its precision and tight specifications, whole-muscle packaging provides…

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Amazon ripped over product safety concerns

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News from https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/08/23/amazon-ripped-sacrificing-product-safety-expand-product-selection/ Amazon New York offices in February. (Mark Lennihan/AP) Jay Greene Reporter focused on technology coverage in the…

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Don’t ignore auto recall notices

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News from https://www.thestar.com/autos/opinion/2019/08/16/dont-ignore-auto-recall-notices.html Consumer product recalls are fact of life in our society. Food, furniture, athletic equipment and children’s’ toys…