Governor Hochul Announces Additional Programs Aimed at Protecting Domestic Violence Survivors and Their Advocates

Governor Hochul Announces Additional Programs Aimed at Protecting Domestic Violence Survivors and Their Advocates

October 19, 2022 Off By administrator

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced additional programs aimed at supporting domestic violence survivors as part of the New York Department of State’s Division of Consumer Protection and Address Confidentiality Program. The announcement comes in the midst of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which serves as an opportunity to highlight this important issue and raise awareness while continuing to support domestic violence survivors. On Tuesday, Governor Hochul signed a comprehensive package of legislation that strengthened protections for survivors of domestic and gender-based violence by ensuring guns are seized from abusive partners and protecting the confidentiality of survivors.

“Preventing domestic violence and supporting survivors of abuse is a mission that has been a lifelong journey for generations of women in my family,” Governor Hochul said. “With the bills I signed into law yesterday and resources from our Division of Consumer Protection, the New York Department of State, the Address Confidentiality Program and the Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, we are continuing to empower and lift up those who have suffered at the hands of others by helping them to transition into safer, more secure lives.”

Yesterday, the Governor signed the below package of legislation:

  • Authorizing Voting Registration Records of Survivors of Sexual Violence to Be Kept Confidential in Certain Cases S.3855/A.7748A 

  • Requiring Courts to Order the Search and Immediate Seizure of Firearms When a Defendant Willfully Refuses to Surrender Them S.6363A/A.8102  

  • Requiring Judges Issuing an Order of Protection to Ask About the Presence of Firearms S.6443B/A.8105B  

  • Requiring the Release of Individuals from Utility and Other Contracts in Instances of Domestic Violence S.7157A/A.6207B  

  • Requiring Health Insurers to Provide Survivors of Domestic Violence with The Option of Providing Alternative Contact Information S.7263A/A.2519A  


The following rights and protections are available to New York State domestic violence survivors:   

  • Address Confidentiality: If you are a New York State resident and victim of domestic violence, stalking, sexual offenses, or human trafficking who has moved or are planning to move for safety reasons, the Department of State Address Confidentiality Program assists with shielding an address from an abuser, at no cost to the victim. DV Survivors can also provide alternate address information for their telephone services directly through their service provider to prevent their abusers from finding out their actual address. 
  • Telephone, cable, and satellite service contract opt out:  DV Survivors can request an opt-out of their service contract, in writing, at no charge if they are a victim of domestic violence. 
  • Identity Theft: Identity theft can be a challenge for DV Survivors, but regularly examining credit reports, setting up fraud alerts and checking…

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