Love To Dream Is Using Online Content To Teach Parents The Power Of Sleep

Love To Dream Is Using Online Content To Teach Parents The Power Of Sleep

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Adored by parents and babies worldwide, Aussie sleep brand Love To Dream has built a loyal following from word-of-mouth and customer advocacy. As the brand eyes new markets, it has created an online content platform to help drive growth.

Love To Dream’s success was built on its unique arms-up Swaddle, the Swaddle Up, which gifted sleep-deprived parents with a simple, no-fuss swaddle to help ensure everyone got a good night’s sleep.

The brand has expanded beyond its award-winning Swaddle Up to provide safe sleeping options for babies and toddlers with sleeping bags, suits and bedding.

Most significantly, the brand has evolved its positioning from selling baby and toddler sleep solutions to celebrating the power of sleep.

Central to this positioning and the brand’s international growth is an educational focus that has seen the creation of a 14-part online video series to raise greater awareness about safe and effective sleep practices.

Christine Yoon, chief marketing officer at Love To Dream, told The Drum the brand evolution was driven by the 14-year-old company’s diversification as it matures.

“The brand was originally positioned as a challenger brand in the category with the brand purpose anchored in ‘game-changing sleep’, says Yoon.

“While our original Swaddle Up is still the core product in our portfolio and an entry point for parents to explore our brand, we have grown and matured over the last few years, diversifying into other sleepwear products, e.g. sleep suits and bags for older children and other non-sleep wear products such as bedding.

“As the brand has taken on more of a category leadership role, we have also noticed that more customers are looking to us for wisdom and knowledge to provide parents with the information they need more broadly around baby’s sleep solutions.

“As a leader in sleep solutions, we believe that it is vital that we continue to innovate and that we also evolve as a brand. Our brand focus now goes beyond creating a sleep solution at a functional level – we want to help celebrate the power of sleep, encourage bigger dreams to brighten our world.”

Yoon says Love To Dream now considers education a core part of the brand’s marketing strategy, particularly as it enters new markets that are less informed about safe-sleep practices.

The Sleep Series is a significant education and awareness platform for the brand. Billed as a comprehensive guide to give parents the knowledge, tools and confidence to help their baby sleep. The content includes videos, lessons and downloadable guides with information, advice and insights from paediatric experts.

As Love To Dream navigates new international markets where different cultures hold differing approaches and attitudes to sleep practices, the brand is doubling down on education and customer advocacy rather than investing in advertising.

“The brand is in so many different markets around the world and hence it’s critical we be customer-first in our…

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