CSIS Is Hiring In Ontario & Some Of The Jobs Will Pay You More Than $100K

CSIS Is Hiring In Ontario & Some Of The Jobs Will Pay You More Than $100K

August 9, 2022 Off By administrator

Do you have an air of mystery to you and a love of James Bond films?

Unfortunately, Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) hasn’t posted any spy job listings, but they do have a good variety of high-paying jobs located in Ontario up for grabs.

So if you’re interested in a government job that can pay you up to $100K a year, you may want to brush up your resume.

Although if your heart was set on having a movie magic moment, don’t be discouraged.

Just because you may be applying for a senior role in technology or policy doesn’t mean some secrecy won’t be involved.

The CSIS warns all applicants to keep their application under wraps, and to not discuss it on social media or with anyone other than their close family or partner.

Even then, you’ll want to tell your inner “circle of trust,” as Jack Byrnes would say to be “discreet.”

Here are six CSIS jobs hiring in Ontario right now:

Deputy Chief, Policy and Foreign Relations

Salary: $95,350 to $116,060

Location: Ottawa, ON

Who should apply: If you think you can handle helping lead national security and international policy issues, and are an experienced candidate, this position may be for you.

CSIS is looking for someone with an undergraduate degree in “Journalism, Communications, Political Science, Public Administration, law or security studies” and seven years of experience.

You’ll need to have experience handling media relations or public affairs and dealing with policy and legal communications. As well as advising senior management on “communications, policy, legal or operational issues,” according to the job posting.

In order to apply, you’ll need to have had at least one year in a role where you supervised others.

Apply here

Business Intelligence Specialist

Salary: $84,050 to $102,250

Location: Ottawa, ON

Who should apply: The Business Intelligence team at CSIS is looking for some with a knack for data who can help with “data integration, visualization and data management.”

You’ll need to have a secondary school diploma and seven years of experience, a college diploma and six years experience, a technologist diploma or an equivalent professional technologist designation and four years experience, or a master’s or undergraduate degree and three years of experience in the field.

Now when it comes to what skills you need, candidates will have to possess relevant experience like working with BI platforms, data manipulation skills, and more.

Apply here

Information Management Anaylst 

Salary: $84,050 to $102,250

Location: Ottawa, ON

Who should apply: Anyone with great observation, research, and problem-solving skills with knowledge of information management could be a great candidate.

This role requires an individual to find problems with systems, policies, procedures and more and present solutions.

In order to qualify…

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