Planet Protector wins the Manufacturing & Consumer Goods category

Planet Protector wins the Manufacturing & Consumer Goods category

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“It was almost six years ago; I had a contract with what is now Australia’s largest meal kit provider. The volume of polystyrene that was moving through our warehouse was incomprehensible. I could see that there was a desperate need for a sustainable alternative to polystyrene,” Howarth said.

The alternative is Woolpack. Using the natural thermal properties of wool that keeps sheep warm in winter and cool in summer was the perfect solution for temperature sensitive products. It also diverts waste wool that is otherwise destined for landfill and transforms it into a valuable commodity.

“This is exactly what the circular economy intends,” Howarth said.

PPP’s wool liners can be reused multiple times with Planet Protector partnering with one large client to set up a closed loop. Their goal was to recover 50 per cent of the wool liners. However, the initiative exceeded expectations to achieve a recovery rate of 73 per cent.

It’s challenging for most clients to set up a closed loop supply chain, and Planet Protector works with those clients to educate end users around the many household applications for Woolpack.

“We never cease to be amazed at the photos customers share with us of our product being used as pet bedding, for worm farms, bee hives, garden compost and weed matting,” Howarth said.

Planet Protector Packaging is the category award winner for the 2022 Financial Review Sustainability Leaders – Manufacturing & Consumer Goods category.

Great Wrap

Co-founders and husband and wife duo Julia and Jordy Kay, of Great Wrap. 

Great Wrap was established in 2019 by co-founders and husband and wife duo Julia and Jordy Kay in response to the global waste challenge, in particular, the enormous amounts of pallet wrap both came across in their respective winemaking and architecture industries.

Collaborating with Monash University, Great Wrap designed a product that performs, looks and feels like conventional petro-based plastic stretch wrap but breaks down to carbon and water. The key ingredient is potato waste.

“Our solution is two-fold by mitigating plastic waste and diverting food waste from landfill — having a huge impact on climate change,” Jordy Kay said.

“To date we have already supplied over 50,000 homes in Australia with our cling wrap. Over 50 per cent of those households composted our product in their bin at home and the majority of the remaining households disposed of it in an organic recycling system,” Kay said.

Great Wrap also improves the health and wellbeing of the broader ecosystem because the wrap doesn’t go into landfill where it can end up in our oceans and waterways.

“By the end of 2023 we hope to have a marine degradable solution which will mean if Great Wrap ends up in the ocean it will also completely break down,” Kay said.

This year marks a significant milestone for Great Wrap with the commissioning of their first Australian commercial factory in Tullamarine.

“The factory will be the largest stretch wrap…

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