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Logitech Pen Review | PCMag

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It’s no secret that classrooms have gone digital. The pens, pencils, and ruled notebooks of yesteryear have been consolidated, digitized, and repurposed into the tablets and Chromebooks found in your kid’s classroom. Now, a child’s success is largely based on the digital tools at his or her disposal, which is what makes the Logitech Pen ($65) so captivating. Certified compatible with the Universal Stylus Initiative, the Logitech Pen is an impressive input device with ample rated battery life and a comfortable, ergonomic design that should fit hands of all ages and sizes, making it a perfect Chromebook companion for students.

My First Stylus

With more than 40 million Chromebooks now in use in educational settings and another 15 million added annually, the timing is excellent for a device like the Logitech Pen. At just 5.9 inches long and weighing half an ounce, it’s minutely lighter than Microsoft’s Surface Pen and much lighter than the specialized styli artists use with Wacom tablets.

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Children using Logitech Pen

While not as sleek and sexy as the Apple Pencil, the Logitech Pen’s triangular body feels good to hold and use. Logitech says its engineers worked with young students to create an optimized ergonomic design that’s comfortable in hands from age seven to 17. A large (and colorful) non-slip silicone grip offers additional support, while the stylus tip is both sturdy and replaceable. (Logitech also has an Apple Pencil competitor, dubbed the Crayon, with a slightly different design than the Pen and available to consumers and the education market.)

At the bottom of the stylus, you’ll find a USB-C port for charging the device. Logitech claims a full charge will last for 15 days of regular school use. Even if you forget to recharge the pen overnight, you can quickly add 30 minutes of life to it with a 30-second charge. When not in use, the pen automatically goes to sleep to conserve power.

Logitech Pen charging

The Logitech Pen doesn’t come with its own charger, but considering most Chromebooks make use of a USB-C charger, chances are one isn’t far away. A small indicator light blinks to let you know when the pen’s low on battery power. Strangely, there isn’t a cap to cover the exposed port, so there’s a chance that a foreign object could get lodged into the port while being shaken around in a school backpack.

Exposed port aside, the pen is fairly rugged and can withstand a drop from four feet. It’s also bend-resistant, spill-resistant, and easily cleanable—a nice bonus for parents and teachers of younger kids who are almost guaranteed to drop it into something sticky, or handle it with sticky hands.

Mightier Than the Sword

The Logitech Pen looks impressive on paper, so the next step is to put it to (digital) use. The company designed the stylus to be used in a classroom environment, supporting the note-taking, scrolling,…

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