Phan Oun on goals of CCF’s mission as Kingdom’s consumer guardians

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Back in 2020, the government renamed the Cambodia Import-Export and Fraud Repression directorate-general to Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Repression Directorate-General (CCF) and revised its roles and responsibilities.

The Post interviewed Phan Oun, director-general of the CCF, on his organisation’s mission and the activities they carry out to help Cambodia’s consumers and businesses.

What is CCF’s mission?
The CCF directorate-general is an institution under the Ministry of Commerce that plays a key role in protecting consumers and its responsibilities are clearly defined, as indicated by the new name, as the protection of consumer rights and interests and ensuring market competition.

We work to ensure a fairly competitive business environment that is free from fraud while ensuring the safety and quality of products and services.

How do you accomplish that mission? What other roles does CCF have?
The CCF plays an important role in researching, formulating policies and strategies related to quality, safety of goods and services, and consumer protection and competition.

We also have the role of inspecting goods and services under our jurisdiction. We work with police and other authorities to investigate and prevent fraudulent business activities and we protect consumers’ rights and interests to ensure the quality, safety and regulatory compliance of products and services as well as taking action on contracts that restrict or defame market competition.

All of this helps to ensure a more competitive market for goods and services in Cambodia and that helps consumers by providing them with more options. More choices will generally lead to better products at lower prices because businesses must compete for market share.

The CCF also acts as the secretariat for the National Commission for Examination of Halal Products in Cambodia and the National Codex Committee as well as the secretariat of the Cambodia Competition Commission once it is established in the near future.

What are the major achievements of the CCF this past year?
We have inspected markets 614 times and seized nearly 39 tonnes of non-compliant goods for destruction. For example, in one operation we intercepted seven tonnes of shrimp injected with CMC jelly to make them appear fresher and larger.

We have also investigated outbreaks of alcohol poisoning in the capital and Kandal, Kampot, Pursat and Banteay Meanchey provinces where we tested the samples of rice wine and grape wine in our laboratories for the presence of methanol.

What was the result of CCF’s investigation of fuel sales?
We have been checking the quality of octane index and quantity of gasoline dispensed at 1,980 gas stations and depots and found 836 of them were selling gasoline which did not comply with the quality or quantity at the prices advertised. Those businesses were fined and given warnings and if they are caught again the penalties will increase.

We’ve also examined the quality of…

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