Which States Will Consider CCPA-Like Consumer Privacy Bills In 2022? – Privacy

Which States Will Consider CCPA-Like Consumer Privacy Bills In 2022? – Privacy

January 5, 2022 0 By administrator

Keypoint: At least fifteen state legislatures are
poised to consider CCPA-like consumer privacy legislation in 2022
with lawmakers in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota,
Mississippi, and Washington confirming they will be introducing
bills, a bill already being pre-filed in Maryland, and eight states
with bills that will carry over from the 2021

The continuing emergence of proposed state privacy laws will be
a dominant story for privacy professionals in 2022.

In 2021, lawmakers in twenty-seven states proposed CCPA-like
privacy legislation. We tracked these bills through our weekly updates, State Privacy Law Tracker, and Legislating Data Privacy podcast series.

This year, we contacted lawmakers who proposed bills in 2021 and
asked them to share their plans for 2022. We received many
responses, which we chronicle below along with updates on bills
that we have been tracking over the summer and fall. Of particular
note, Representatives Shelley Kloba (Washington), Steve Elkins
(Minnesota), and Collin Walke (Oklahoma) provided extensive
comments on their 2022 proposals.

In summary, currently fifteen states are poised to consider
legislation in 2022. Lawmakers in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida,
Mississippi, Minnesota, and Washington confirmed they are preparing
bills to introduce, and in Maryland Senator Lee already pre-filed a
bill. Bills introduced last year in Alaska, Massachusetts, New
York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Vermont
will carry over to the 2022 session. More states are sure to

On the other hand, lawmakers in Illinois and Utah would not
commit to supporting legislation in 2022.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing our 2022 State Privacy
Law Tracker and resuming our weekly updates. Subscribe to our blog to stay updated.

Below is an analysis of the states we have identified to


Last year, the Alaska legislature considered HB 159 / SB 116, which will carry over into the 2022
session. On December 6, 2021, the House Labor and Commerce
Committee held a
to discuss changes made to the House bill between
sessions. Alaska’s legislative session opens January 19,


In 2021, Representative Domingo DeGrazia introduced HB 2865. Representative DeGrazia confirmed he
will be filing at least one privacy bill in 2022. Arizona’s
legislature opens January 10, 2022.


In 2021, the Connecticut legislature considered SB 893, a bill modeled on the Washington
Privacy Act. After the bill did not pass, the bill’s sponsor,
Senator James Maroney, convened a privacy working group comprised
of various stakeholders to prepare the bill for the 2022
legislative session.

The working group has met monthly since September and considered
various topics, including exceptions, Attorney General rulemaking
authority, a right to cure and whether it should sunset, and
whether to add a global privacy control (GPC)…

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