Pandemic has heightened focus on health, nutrition: Sandeep Verma

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As the covid-19 pandemic evolves, consumer health companies are seeing an uptick in demand for preventive and immunity-boosting products, said Sandeep Verma, country head, India, Bayer Consumer Health division. He also talked about the company’s plans in consumer health, the industry’s trajectory during the pandemic, and the way forward. Edited excerpts from an interview:

How has the consumer health industry performed during the pandemic?

Overall, the industry growth during the pandemic has largely come about from the nutrition category, especially the immunity segment, with the increase in demand for immunity-boosting products. In general, the pandemic has heightened the focus on health and nutrition, particularly in line with ensuring adequate immunity and energy levels to tackle present-day health challenges. It has changed the way in which consumers seek care, with individuals now increasingly opting for self-care solutions so they can take charge of their health. One challenge that the industry needs to work on more, is to also provide consumers with better quality of information which can lead to more responsible self-care.

As we are trying to leverage this higher health awareness and the greater need to find self-care solutions, we are also trying to provide consumers with the best quality information which can lead to better choices. Both our re-launches are steps in that direction of combining the right products with the right information. We will also continue to work on bringing innovations in digital technology that can transform self-care by empowering people to maintain and improve their health. Widespread adoption of technology gives people the information, support and convenience they need to manage their health more proactively. Digitalization can thus be leveraged to provide individuals high-quality health information.

What are Bayer’s expansion plans for the consumer health division in the country?

The Bayer Consumer Health division was launched in the midst of the pandemic in India with a vision to empower the transformation of everyday health so that 1.4 billion Indians can pursue their dreams. Bayer Consumer Health aims to reach 100 million households over the next five years in India. Our brands are already reaching roughly 40 million consumers, so the plan is to more than double this reach and expand access for both the urban as well as rural consumers.

India is one of Bayer Consumer Health’s top four priority markets in the world. With our newly launched Consumer Health Division here, we plan to grow our business by enhancing access to the best self-care products in the world for all Indians. Today, India stands eighth in the OTC market rankings and is the fastest-growing market globally. We believe that by 2029, India will become one of the top three markets in the world. Our vision for the country is to…

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