Holistic health and wellness in beauty integral for consumers after COVID-19 says Mintel

Holistic health and wellness in beauty integral for consumers after COVID-19 says Mintel

January 19, 2021 Off By administrator

There was now no doubt the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had carved out, accelerated and changed consumer behaviours in beauty​. And according to a Mintel survey, conducted across 35 markets in July 2020, 70% of Italian consumers now said they were actively seeking ways to reduce stress. In Ireland, 37% of consumers were interested in beauty products that helped them relax, and in Spain, 30% of women were using their beauty routines to reduce stress levels following the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The concept of total wellness has become integral to beauty routines,”​ said Andrew McDougall, associate director of global beauty and personal care at Mintel.

As ways of living had been challenged during COVID-19, McDougall told CosmeticsDesign-Europe wellness and wellbeing had become more relevant than ever in the beauty space, with consumer expectations and needs rising sharply – continuing on from early shifts when the crisis first started last year.​

Trust and engagement – beauty brands should be a ‘companion for consumers’

“As stress and mental health take over the conversation, brands have an opportunity to build normalcy through routines with consciously created products that keep consumers protected, bring value to purchase decisions and rebuild trusting brand relationships,”​ he said.

Consumers purchased beauty items from brands they trusted and felt reassured by, he said, so building and rebuilding this through communities, engagement and experience had to be “high on the agenda” ​for industry.

“…In unprecedented times, having a sense of ‘normality’ can be really powerful; mentally and emotionally. Brands should focus on being that companion for consumers.”

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