Jobs for virtual assistants, caregivers and people with muscles

Jobs for virtual assistants, caregivers and people with muscles

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Even as COVID-19 slams much of the traditional employment market, new jobs fueled by online platforms that help people find freelance work are going strong.

Here are half a dozen newly reviewed online platforms that can help you find work, including remote positions as a virtual assistant as well as moving jobs, caregiving opportunities and consulting gigs.

Unfortunately, not all these new jobs are good ones. Two of the six recently reviewed online platforms received substandard ratings from for poor pay or rotten terms.

The remaining four platforms provided good opportunities, but several were limited by geography or age. (Young platforms often don’t have the scale to hire widely or quickly.) That said, where these new platforms are limited or unavailable, we’ve recommended better-established competitors.

Virtual assisting

Virtual assistant jobs are among the most attractive and flexible remote positions available for freelancers. These jobs involve handling email, scheduling, basic bookkeeping, social media work and project management for busy executives.

It’s like being an executive assistant, except you work from home as an independent contractor.

MyVA360 is among half a dozen sites that help seasoned virtual assistants find clients. The site pays just $13 per hour to start and promises raises to those with good customer ratings. Owner Jelena Mijajlovic says the site will also help train virtual assistants in sought-after skills such as using Asana and HubSpot programs.

Other good sites to find virtual assisting work are Boldly and Belay.

Moving and yardwork

Got muscle? Laborjack recruits part-time workers to provide moving and yard services. Pay ranges from $15 to $20 per hour, plus tips. But you’ve got to be able to lift up to 100 pounds.

Unlike other moving and general labor job sites, Laborjack doesn’t expect you to have a truck, a dolly or other tools of the trade. The customer provides anything you need to complete the job. Laborjack offers only muscle. The catch: While the company has national aspirations, it currently operates only in Colorado and Arizona.

More widely available options for those who want to provide moving services are GoShare and Truxx. For those willing to do yardwork and landscaping, the best options are Jiffy and GreenPal.


PrizeRebel pays you to take surveys. However, as with other survey sites, you don’t get paid much — somewhere between 50 and 70 cents for completing online questionnaires that take 10 to 20 minutes each. Since online surveys are one of the few ways you can make money while watching TV, the low pay isn’t an overwhelming negative.

What raised our reviewer’s hackles were the myriad ways that PrizeRebel could take away even that sorry pay. With system glitches and last-minute “disqualifications,” PrizeRebel stands out as one of the poorer options in a poorly paid field.

Better survey sites include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie and Consumer Opinion Services.

If you…

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