8 hair dryer stands with the best customer reviews

8 hair dryer stands with the best customer reviews

November 28, 2020 Off By administrator

Whether it’s the tangled cords or just the general eyesore of a clunky hair dryer dominating your dressing table, even the best hair dryer can make an otherwise neat-and-tidy dresser look seriously cluttered if they have no designated home. Enter the hair dryer stand. It’s the beauty storage solution you never knew you needed, and will ensure that you never trip over a rogue wire or drop your pricey ghd hair dryer ever again. 

If you presumed that the likes of sleek, wall-mounted hair dryer stands belonged in pro salons only, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised that home hair dryer stands can be incredibly affordable and easy to install. Whether you’re the lucky owner of a Dyson Supersonic or have a more basic budget hair dryer, there’s a stand to suit… and many also have separate compartments to store other tools, such as straighteners and tongs. Cable tidies are also a game changer. 

Get organised with the suggestions below. Marie Kondo would be so proud. 

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