Nationwide Car Insurance Review 2020

Nationwide Car Insurance Review 2020

November 19, 2020 Off By administrator

Pros Explained

  • Easy-to-use online quote generator: The online tool for generating a quote is both simple and intuitive. It can offer you both a quote and a list of discounts you may be eligible for, without requiring a Social Security number.
  • Robust mobile app: Nationwide’s mobile app allows you to handle all of your insurance tasks directly from your app, from paying bills and filing a claim to adjusting your policy and accessing roadside assistance. All of these features can be accessed right from your phone.
  • Comprehensive online learning center: Customers and non-customers looking to educate themselves about insurance can find the answers they need in the Nationwide online learning center.

Cons Explained

  • Six-month policy terms: With terms lasting six months at a time, rather than a year at a time, Nationwide has twice the opportunities to raise your rates when you renew.
  • Average or below-average in customer satisfaction: J.D. Power has found that Nationwide’s customer service is never better than average, with some geographic sectors scoring below average.

COVID-19 Assistance

Like other auto insurers, Nationwide has offered some financial relief to customers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The auto insurance arm of Nationwide offered an across-the-board $50 refund per policy to all auto insurance customers with active policies as of March 31, 2020. In addition, Nationwide has expanded the availability of its usage-based insurance products, which can save customers who are driving less because of the pandemic. Nationwide has also contributed $5 million to local and national charities for the pandemic response effort.

Nationwide Car Insurance Coverage

You have access to the following types of coverage with Nationwide Auto Insurance:

Liability Coverage

Every state in the nation, with the exception of New Hampshire, requires liability coverage for car owners. This kind of coverage protects against the financial loss of bodily injury or property damage.

Bodily injury liability can pay for the bills associated with the injury or death of a person who is hurt during an accident in which you are at fault. This coverage can pay for things like medical expenses and lost wages. Property damage liability can pay for the bills associated with damaged property that occurs because of an accident where you are at fault. Nationwide’s liability coverage can also pay for your legal defense if you are sued as a result of an accident where you are at fault.

Collision Coverage

If your vehicle is damaged by striking another object or vehicle, or by rolling over, collision coverage can pay to repair or replace the car, no matter who is at fault. You will be responsible for a deductible when making a collision coverage claim. Collision coverage is not required by law, but some leases and financed vehicles are required to carry this coverage as a condition of the lease or financing agreement.


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