Best identity theft protection and monitoring services in 2020

Best identity theft protection and monitoring services in 2020

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Your personal information is precious, so it’s essential that you protect it. Our directory of the best identity theft protection and monitoring services can help you protect your identity, proactively monitor suspicious activity, and assist you in recovery if you become a victim of a data breach that leads to identity fraud and theft. If you don’t already use one of these protection services, you might want to start soon. That’s because identity theft is a massive and growing problem, with bigger data breaches hitting victims with increasing regularity.

In 2019 alone, there were more than 13 million US identity fraud cases, with identity theft victims losing nearly $17 billion not to mention untold damage to credit reports. The 2017 Equifax breach was the icing on a very bad cake — one that got even worse in the years that followed. One of the biggest data breaches this year was the Marriott hack, which impacted over 5 million customers. That follows an earlier breach of Marriott’s Starwood reservation system in which the personal information of more than 380 million guests was compromised, including more than 5 million passport numbers.

If someone has your Social Security number and personal info, they can begin applying for loans and a credit card in your name.

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In this directory, we’ll look at some of the best identity theft protection services for helping you manage and protect your identity at various price points. Before we get started though, we should tell you that you don’t necessarily have to spend $10-$30 a month for the best identity theft protection. The US government offers, a service that can help identity theft victims report and recover from identity theft. 

We’ll jump straight to the top choices for the best identity theft protection services for ID monitoring, credit monitoring and more, but read to the end to see additional important information and facts about identity theft.

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LifeLock has come a long way since the days when it was subject to multiple Federal Trade Commission investigations (settled in 2015) and various lawsuits from customers and credit reporting agencies. In 2017, it became a subsidiary of Symantec, purchased for $2.3 billion.

You may recall the ads where LifeLock’s founder posted his Social Security number everywhere, as a statement in his confidence about LifeLock’s protection services. While he did experience numerous instances of identity theft based on those Social Security number postings, LifeLock’s services helped him recover.

The company offers a wide range of protection services, including LifeLock Junior (for monitoring your kids) and LifeLock Senior (for…

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