Laying out facts for undecided voters | Opinion

Laying out facts for undecided voters | Opinion

October 23, 2020 Off By administrator

About 5 percent of likely voters will not decide whether to vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump until the last few days or even hours before they cast their ballots. These are factors they are considering.

Biden helped the Obama administration lead the economic recovery from the Great Recession of 2008, orchestrating the auto bailout that saved thousands of American jobs. Unemployment declined but wages did not recover, leaving millions of middle-class Americans frightened and angry about the future.

Trump decided that a massive tax cut for large corporations and the wealthy would lead to trickle-down regrowth. It led to $2 trillion in new debt, but economists are divided on the results. Many argue the wealthy saved the money, rebought company stock and invested overseas. The stock market soared, but half of Americans have no connection to stocks.

Democrats in the House passed $3 trillion for Americans to survive the virus in a second round of aid but Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., blocked a Senate vote. Trump suspended negotiations but then said he wanted more money, leading to confusion and inaction. Unemployment is now 8.9 percent; thousands of businesses are gone.

Biden helped organize a response to the deadly Ebola virus that prevented it from getting a foothold in America and controlled it overseas.

Trump said he purposefully downplayed the coronavirus pandemic to avoid a panic. He consistently undermined his own public health experts and epidemiologists and scoffed at the value of masks. He once suggested drinking bleach. Two weeks before the election, the Centers for Disease Control issued a new estimate that 300,000 Americans had died of complications from the virus, about 80,000 more than had been thought.

Biden helped pass the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) along strict party lines. The center plank, that all individuals must have health care, was overturned in court but the bare bones remained, meaning that about 100,000 pre-existing conditions such as childhood cancer and heart disease must be covered by insurance companies and that children may stay on their parents’ insurance until they are 26. About 30 million Americans now have coverage they did not have.

Trump has asked the Supreme Court to rule that Obamacare in its entirety be struck down as unconstitutional. He has not put forth a replacement plan, nor have Republicans in Congress. Trump is hoping that his third Supreme Court nominee will be seated and vote against Obamacare.

When Trump contracted COVID-19, along with more than two dozen of his top aides, his wife and his son, he told Americans it was much ado about nothing. Then he said he could have died without a costly, experimental drug and steroids.

Biden, a practicing Catholic, has been known as one of the most decent people in Washington, D.C., for four decades, taking the train to be home with his children in Delaware every night after his first wife and daughter were killed…

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