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Consumer Rights – What You Need To Know — Hometown Station | KHTS FM 98.1 & AM 1220 — Santa Clarita Radio

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So you decide to start cycling again for a change. You go to the store and buy a brand new bike, go back home, show it to your friends, and a couple of weeks later you notice that the chain is jumping on your cassette. The first thing that will come to your mind is to have it fixed, otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy your new hobby because the bike is no longer safe. 

But why do you have to bear the expenses of repairing a brand new bike? That’s exactly why you need to make sure to understand the refund, return, and warranty policies of every product before you buy it. These regulations might change depending on the products you buy and the store you buy them from.

However, consumer protection legislation that is made to protect your rights and ensure your compensation in case you face issues with your products. In this article, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about consumer protection laws. 

Understand How Warranties Work 

Any product you buy comes with a guarantee that it will serve that purpose you bought it for with the quality you pay for. We call this a warranty, and there are two types of it. One of them is optional to the seller and the other is automatically applied to the merchandise you buy in case the seller doesn’t offer a warranty. 

The difference between them is not huge, both of them guarantee that the product you bought will work with the quality you expect for a specific period. When that period is over, you will have to take care of the expenses and the consequences of the damages and how you repair them. The other is how all sellers are lawfully required to guarantee that the product you bought is functioning and will take the responsibility for any issues to make sure it fulfills the purpose it was originally bought for. 

Before taking the decision to buy a product you need to understand what kind of warranty is offered to guarantee its functionality. A warranty is a written promise, try not to take verbal guarantees from sellers. 

What If I Have a Warranty But Still Can’t Get the Buyer to Take Responsibility?

Sellers will sometimes refuse to repair or return a product which is a breach of warranty. In this case, you can try to get the seller to repair your product or refund you anyway, and if that doesn’t work then you have to try and convince them that they can’t just get away with things like that. This is a very common occurrence in state capitals like Nashville.

However, if mediation fails then you’re going to need to talk to a lawyer about the situation otherwise, you will not be getting the compensation you deserve. Consumer and employment lawyers in Nashville, Tennessee explain that the process of filing a claim is not easy and it could be intimidating and time-consuming. Getting involved in a dispute is not a situation any of us gets in very easily. 

On the other hand, hiring a lawyer will higher the chances of the odds becoming in your favor and will…

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