Twitter consumer recounts ‘genuinely terrifying’ Emilia Clarke stalker expertise

Twitter consumer recounts ‘genuinely terrifying’ Emilia Clarke stalker expertise

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A Twitter consumer has shared their “disturbing Emilia Clarke-related story”, the place they witnessed a “celeb stalker-type” man harass and shout abuse on the Game of Thrones star on the stage door of her present The Seagull.

According to the consumer, the “genuinely terrifying” man claimed he had been ignored by Clarke when he confirmed up at different pink carpet occasions and shouted hateful issues at her whereas speculating on methods to fulfill her.

In a thread shared by a Twitter consumer, they stated, “So, I have a disturbing Emilia Clarke-related story from when I saw “The Seagull” that I don’t consider I ever shared earlier than, but it surely makes me perceive why she disappears a lot.”

Clarke starred within the Anton Chekhov play at The Playhouse Theatre in London this 12 months, previous to the present’s shutdown amidst the coronavirus pandemic

The exterior of The Playhouse Theatre the place Clarke was performing (

Clarke has beforehand spoken about her expertise with stalking up to now to The Guardian, with incidents together with a stalker leaving presents outdoors her entrance door and two others who had been described as ‘extremely unwell, another extremely mean.’

The consumer flagged the thread for mentions of aggression and stalking and stated that they had been ready on the stage door, the place different followers of Emilia Clarke had been additionally ready for the solid to emerge – together with a person they nicknamed “Drunkie” who they stated was “clearly drunk & belligerent.”

They claimed that the person swore and used abusive language about Clarke when describing her to different followers close by. They additionally claimed the person stated he had tried to talk along with her at different pink carpets, nonetheless she “did not reply.”


The unnamed man was accompanied by a pal, who was sober and tried to maintain him at “bay.” The pal additionally reportedly “explained that he does this a lot, tries to meet celebs and hates on them. And Drunkie proved him correct repeating his Emilia hate to all nearby.”

However, issues escalated as Clarke emerged from the theatre and went straight in the direction of her automotive. The man didn’t and the consumer claimed he started shouting at Clarke to return out, then tried to strategy. Eventually, the person was satisfied by his pal to depart.

The consumer continued, “He was relentlessly & loudly saying awful things about Emilia and you could see the windows where the cast probably was. He was loud enough to hear and purposely. He really wanted Emilia to know she was terrible in his eyes, which he implied was the only interaction that matters.”


“You hear about these kinds of celeb stalker-type stories all the time. But, it was genuinely terrifying to see in-person. See the hate this guy was spewing and the anger in his face towards someone whose only crime was…

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