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July 14, 2020 Off By administrator

Customer-facing technology in restaurants such as digital menus and order at table apps are not a new thing. In the casual dining arena especially over the past five years or so businesses have trialled various types of technology designed to give customers greater control of the dining experience, such as bespoke menus, and reduce the time it takes to get and pay the bill. And yet, despite these numerous trials, the number of restaurants that have fully embraced such technology and rolled it out across their estates is still relatively low.

All this could be about to change, however. As the restaurant industry in England begins to reawaken from its enforced lockdown, the trading environment in which it finds itself is very different from a pre-Coronavirus world. Where close interaction between restaurant staff and customers was once considered a must in the spirit of hospitality, in a post lockdown world customers are now looking to take steps to reduce contact with people in restaurants, and businesses themselves are doing the same in line with the Government’s guidelines.

Step forward contact-free order and payment solutions that allow customers to order and pay for food using nothing more than their own mobile phones.


The power of mobile ordering

Where customers might have been reluctant to use their phones in the past – either because they wanted the restaurant experience to provide some phone-free respite or were averse to adding another app to their phone – in a post lockdown world being able to use a device that only they have had contact with is very much on their wish list.

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