#Dimension2020: Data delivers better advertising in an addressable world

#Dimension2020: Data delivers better advertising in an addressable world

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Dimension is Kantar’s latest thinking on some of the biggest communications planning, buying and measurement topics. This year’s study, titled ‘media and me’, investigates how brands, agencies and media owners can bring better advertising that enhances consumer reach and engagement in an addressable world through the power of data.

is at the heart of addressable advertising. But with opportunity comes risk, as
71% of consumers say they see the same online ads repeatedly. So, how do you
keep advertising on the right side of the line between relevance and unwelcome targeting?
How can brands ensure they advertise in a privacy-safe way?

The media world is more personalised than ever
before, as consumers are increasingly spending time on their connected personal
devices to organise, curate and discover media, in turn the industry designs
around these personal preferences, creating opportunities to unlock further

The latest Dimension study looks at both sides of the coin, factoring in responses from 8,000 connected consumers who have access to two or more connected devices, either in the form of a PC or laptop at home or at work, an internet-enabled smart TV, a smart speaker or voice-activated device, or a personally owned tablet or smartphone to connect to the internet. Results were accrued across eight markets, covering over two-thirds of global advertising spend, or $400 billion.

While fieldwork for the study was conducted before COVID-19,
which has had a particular impact on media consumption, the fact that people are
spending even more time at home on their connected devices means the findings
are even more relevant today.

Keeping online advertising
on the right side of intrusiveness

Good advertising is about getting the right message to
the right consumer, in the right place at the right time. Advertisers and
their agencies are continually seeking new ways to reach them, but as online inventory
increases, so too does the tsunami of data available, so personalising both the
message and the way it’s targeted can improve relevance, reduce wastage and
drive efficiencies.

But while consumers welcome
relevance, remember that greater personalisation can backfire, as
excessive frequency is all too common and blunt retargeting if you’ve already
bought the product is particularly annoying. It’s time to rebuild consumer
trust in advertising by using the channels they trust most.

There’s also rising consumer
cynicism about online
advertising, particularly on social media, driven by excessive frequency,
unsophisticated retargeting, an over-enthusiastic use of data, and consequent
concerns around data privacy. We therefore need to rethink
advertising strategy in these times to make advertising ‘great’ or trusted
again, while advertising in a privacy-safe way that doesn’t come across as
intrusive, where the data is valued across the whole business.

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