How to watch Westworld online: season 3 global live stream options for every episode

How to watch Westworld online: season 3 global live stream options for every episode

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After a near two-year wait, we’re now just hours away from the next step in unraveling the next step in HBO’s reverie. That’s right we’re here to help you watch Westworld season 3 online and on TV. We’ll tell you what time to watch the initial broadcast and also what options you have to watch it online at your leisure because nobody needs to be held ransom to the days of live broadcasting any longer. We don’t want you to miss a thing and let’s face it, Westworld is the last show where you want to be out of the loop. 

So wherever you are in the world, we’ll tell you how to watch Westworld. This guide compares options from a number of countries and we can show you how to watch from everywhere else via a VPN if your nation isn’t showing Westworld online or you’re on your travels, but you’d like to keep watching with your home subscription service.

Best of all, you can get set up in minutes, without having to get on the phone to negotiate a long-term contract with any networks as our options are geared towards saving you the most amount of money without tying you into an expensive long-term deal.

Westworld season 3 is just eight episodes long instead of the usual ten, so fingers crossed they don’t try and cram in quite so many convoluted (and unnecessary?) plot strands this time around. We’re expecting a bit of a shift-change in general with the series this time around with more varied locations almost certainly set to feature going off the latest trailers. We’re looking forward to seeing how Aaron Paul’s (Jesse from Breaking Bad) new character fits into it all too. 

We’ll find out soon though! So check out your local options for watching Westworld online below and then get back to watching all those recap videos online to work out just what the hell happened last time around. And if you find one that makes sense, please, please send it over. Our walls are full of red string and marker pen and the janitor is not happy.

Watch Westworld season 3 in the USA

$14.99 a month at Hulu / HBO
As with Game of Thrones, Westworld is an HBO show so that does mean it’s part of a premium channel setup rather than basic cable viewing. You can go directly to the HBO app or website, but we think the best option to watch Westworld online is via the HBO add-on at $14.99 a month on top of your regular bill. Hulu’s cheapest package starts at $5.99 a month and is packed with loads of boxsets and movies – it’s easily our favorite US streaming service after Netflix. Adding HBO there for the same cost as signing up directly ($14.99 per month) is super handy for keeping the app clutter down on your devices and browsing lots of other box sets at the same time. This option also allows you to watch the previous episodes of Westworld too. And seeing as there’s no contract, you can always ditch the HBO add-on once the series has finished if you want.

Westworld Season 3’s episodes will be aired at 9pm ET, but you’ll be able to stream them at your leisure afterward too of course.  
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