Claims Whiskas Kitten Food Pouches Are Making Kittens Sick

Claims Whiskas Kitten Food Pouches Are Making Kittens Sick

February 26, 2020 Off By administrator

Some Aussie cat owners have claimed a popular brand of pet food made their kittens sick — as experts are waiting to see whether an inquiry into the industry will bring change.

Several cat owners have taken aim at popular brand Whiskas for their ‘Kitten Pouches’, claiming their pets were left with symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting, bloating, lethargy — resulting in vet bills.

Queensland woman Krystal claimed she started feeding her 13-week-old kitten the product for about two days when she noticed symptoms, including diarrhoea.

“I kept an eye on it and did think it could be the food, but fed him again the next day,” she told 10 daily.

“Every time I fed him, it happened not long after and the diarrhoea kept getting worse and worse. Every time he would go to the toilet it was a complete mess … I was washing the house for days,” she claimed.

Several complaints have been made online about ‘Whiskas Kitten Pouches’ product.  Image: Supplied

The worried pet owner said she eventually took her kitten to the vet assuming ‘he had worms’. However, Krystal claimed her vet suggested it was the food.

She said she has since switched to a different, more expensive brand and it was “well worth it” for her cat’s health.

Krystal posted a review of the kitten food online. Image: Product Review

The Whiskas product is stocked at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.

Another cat owner Ash, from the NSW Hunter region, also claimed their 20-week-old pet MrJingles got sick after eating Whiskas Kitten Pouches.

“[For] six weeks my poor kitten was having this rotten food, every poop was continuous farting followed by a puddle of horrid-smelling diarrhoea. He was lethargic and overall sick-looking,” Ash claimed.

Ash told 10 daily the symptoms started for Mr Jingles after two days. But Ash persisted saying kittens can take time to get used to new food.

“[After] the second week, I questioned whether he had worms because there was no improvement. The third week I rang the vet and they said to do another worming [and asked whether] he has eaten a foreign object,” Ash said.

After one more week and no change, Ash also changed to a different brand saying Mr Jingles is now “playing like a kitten should with no bloating or vomiting.” 

Ash also posted a review of the Whiskas product. Image: Product Review

A glimpse at recent customer reviews for the Whiskas pouches shows the product gets an average of 1.4 stars. Some of the complaints date back two years.

“You’d think that kitten food made for kittens [sic] would actually be healthy and safe to consume for a kitten, especially for a brand as well known as Whiskas,” another claimed customer wrote in November 2019.

“But this is the most horrible pet food experience I’ve ever had. My kitten was extremely uncomfortable and not acting like herself.”

A spokesperson for Whiskas manufacturer, Mars Petcare, told 10 daily it is “distressing” to hear about kittens going through any sort of illness, but that it was important to…

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