Advocate Aurora’s growth plans • Hospitals sue over payments policy • Lumere sold

Advocate Aurora’s growth plans • Hospitals sue over payments policy • Lumere sold

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BIG GROWTH AGENDA FROM ADVOCATE AURORA: Advocate Aurora Health plans, by 2025, to more than double its revenue—to $27 billion from $12 billion—and cut costs by $1.1 billion, CEO Jim Skogsbergh revealed to attendees of the J.P. Morgan Health Conference this week. Modern Healthcare has a rundown of all the news out of the conference.

HOSPITALS SUE TO STOP SITE-NEUTRAL PAYMENT POLICY: The American Hospital Association, Association of American Medical Colleges and several hospital systems this week sued the Trump administration over its site-neutral payment policy for 2020. The lawsuit is the latest in a string of legal actions hospitals have taken to fight the pay cuts. READ MORE. 

DATA COMPANY LUMERE BOUGHT BY GHE: Chicago-based health care data company Lumere has been acquired by Global Health Exchange, the companies said in a statement. Terms were not disclosed, but the statement said Lumere CEO Hani Elias, Chief Technology Officer Will Danford and President and Chief Strategy Officer Eric Meizlish will remain with the combined organization.

TOO OFTEN KNEE REPLACEMENT COMES TOO LATE—OR TOO SOON: A Northwestern Medicine study published this week in the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery shows the vast majority of people who need knee replacement surgery delay the procedure too long. In what’s believed to be the first prospective study to look at the timeliness of replacement surgery among knee osteoarthritis patients who might benefit from the surgery, 90 percent were getting less benefit from knee replacement by waiting too long. 

“When people wait too long, two things happen,” lead investigator Hassan Ghomrawi, associate professor of surgery at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, said in a statement. “The osteoarthritis causes deterioration of their function. Some of them wouldn’t be able to straighten out their legs, affecting their walking and mobility. When you can’t get exercise, you can start to develop other health problems such as cardiovascular problems. You may also become depressed. The overall impact can be huge.” 

Northwestern researchers also found some of those patients who do not need to replace their knees yet are having the surgery prematurely.  

The ideal timing of knee replacement surgery is based on an algorithm that factors in pain, joint function, radiographic assessment and age to determine if a person will benefit from surgery, the statement said. The study was based on 8,002 participants who had or were at risk for knee osteoarthritis and were followed for up to eight years as part of two diverse multicenter trials. 

R1 RCM BUYS SCI SOLUTIONS: Chicago health care revenue cycle management service company R1 RCM has agreed to buy  SCI Solutions, which provides software as a service-based scheduling and patient access solutions, for approximately $190 million in cash, according to a statement from R1. The statement said SCI’s solutions support more than…

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