Murphy: ‘I’m Not Giving Up the Fight for a Millionaire’s Tax’

Murphy: ‘I’m Not Giving Up the Fight for a Millionaire’s Tax’

January 14, 2020 Off By administrator

Lieutenant Governor Oliver.


Senate President Sweeney.


Assembly Speaker Coughlin.


Majority Leaders Weinberg and Greenwald.


Minority Leaders Kean and Bramnick.


Members of the 219th Legislature.


Chief Justice Rabner and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, and Judge Grant

Members of the Cabinet.


Former Governors Florio, DiFrancesco, McGreevey, and Codey.


First Lady Tammy Murphy.


Distinguished faith leaders, veterans, members of organized labor, honored guests, and my fellow New Jerseyans.


Five weeks ago, today, our state was shattered by the gunfire of anti-Semitism and hate.


In Jersey City, a heralded police detective – Joseph Seals – and three innocent people – Mindy Ferencz, Moshe Deutsch, and Douglas Miguel Rodriguez – were murdered in what we now know was an act of domestic terror fueled by a vicious and unjustifiable hate.


This was an act of hate against the Jewish community and law enforcement, but it impacted everyone. Hundreds of schoolchildren and their educators were held in lockdown, including in a Catholic school across the street. Worried parents feared the worst. African-American residents hid in their basements.


Without the tremendous response of everyone in law enforcement, I shudder to think how much worse that day could have been for Jersey City and for our state. If ever there was a time for us to recognize the bravery and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, it was that day.


We have several honored guests with us today. And, through them, we have the opportunity to give our thanks to our entire law enforcement community for their heroism, selflessness, sacrifice, and service on one of our most-trying days.


I would like to ask Laura Seals, the widow of Detective Joe Seals, Jersey City Police Chief Michael Kelly, Deputy Chief of Police Nick Scerbo, and Detective Robert Dunn to all stand.


December 10th also highlighted how close-knit our tremendous communities of faith are. All of us, regardless of where we worship, or by what name we call our creator, were attacked that day.


One of my heroes, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, quoted the Greek playwright Aeschylus on the evening of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Those words still give us comfort: “And even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, until in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.”


Over the past weeks, we have been brought together – as one New Jersey family – first in shock, then in mourning, and now in our commitment to stamping out anti-Semitism.

I want to be clear, we are committed to ensuring that our communities of faith have the resources they need to be safe. I will proudly sign legislation to provide additional security aid for our houses of worship, and to expand the definition of, and penalties for, domestic terrorism. I thank Assemblyman Gary Schaer for championing this cause.


The scar…

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