Privacy Badger Review | Improve your privacy

Privacy Badger Review | Improve your privacy

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Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is a privacy tool developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It is a highly useful extension that is available on Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. By installing and making use of Privacy Badger, consumers can drastically reduce the amount of tracking that they suffer at the hands of websites.


The nice thing about Privacy Badger is that, in addition to stopping vast amounts of tracking, it also speeds up page load times in the process by minimizing the amount of data that each page needs to load.

Privacy Badger is completely free, which means that anybody can use it to begin blocking trackers right away. The popular extension works by blocking third-party website trackers automatically. And, using Privacy Badger is not a tricky affair, as is the case with more technical script blockers like uMatrix. 

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How Privacy Badger works

Privacy Badger is available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and even for Firefox on Android. To get the extension simply search for it either using your browser or directly via Google. Once it is installed, Privacy Badger functions by automatically learning to block trackers. It does this by looking for third-party scripts and images that seem to be leaving behind cookies or fingerprinting your browser.

Privacy Badger also leverages the Do Not Track (DNT) header available within your browser. If a service ignores the DNT request (most trackers completely ignore DNT because it is not a legal requirement) Privacy Badger will monitor other websites for the same tracker. If that script is discovered tracking you on three different websites, Privacy Badger will begin blocking that tracker every time it is encountered.

Privacy Badger also blocks outgoing link click tracking on Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Link tracking is designed to allow online businesses to follow you when you click on a link and leave its website. This allows firms to understand what adverts interest you, for example. However, Privacy Badger also stops Google from tracking any links you follow from within Drive documents or Hangout conversations!

What’s more, Privacy Badger provides protection against “ping” tracking and WebRTC leaks – meaning that if you use a VPN that suffers from WebRTC leaks – Privacy Badger will protect you. 

How to use Privacy Badger

Using Privacy Badger can be as simple as installing it and letting it do its thing. However, it is worth understanding the extension to get the most out of it. It is also worth noting that to get watertight protection from tracking, we strongly recommend that you use it in conjunction with uBlock Origin. This is because the two working together will provide a much more comprehensive experience. 


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