Prime Minister’s office accidentally leaks talking points for MPs to journalists

Prime Minister’s office accidentally leaks talking points for MPs to journalists

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October 14, 2019 13:08:07

The Prime Minister’s office has accidentally leaked its own internal talking points for MPs to journalists across Australia, revealing the key issues the Coalition will focus on this week.

Key points:

  • 15-page document includes suggested lines on the budget, migrants, energy prices and more
  • Includes slogan-like rhyming lines for MPs to use against Labor
  • Comparison against Josh Frydenberg’s interview shows the Treasurer is on brand

The 15-page document has key lines for MPs to use in interviews, covering everything from the budget to welfare, energy prices, drought, Julian Assange and the medevac bill.

It includes the main talking points on each topic as well as lines to use if asked about specific details.

The document’s existence is nothing unusual, but the lines are usually kept in-house rather than being distributed direct to journalists in an email at 7:11am on a Monday.

As you watch the news today, keep an ear open for some of these lines:

  • “It’s about certainty versus uncertainty. Stability and predictability versus chaos and confusion.”
  • “Labor just doesn’t seem to know what it stands for or whose side they are on, which means you won’t know what you get from one week to the next.”

News Breakfast had a live interview with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg this morning, with presenter Michael Rowland canvassing the main issues of the day.

The interview covered Mr Frydenberg announcing the competition watchdog would investigate banks not passing on the full Reserve Bank rate cuts.

Julian Assange was also back in the news, amid calls for the Government to try to halt his potential extradition from the UK to the United States on espionage charges.

And drought is an ongoing topic, with Scott Morrison yesterday announcing a billion-dollar package to upgrade or build new dams in drought-afflicted NSW regions.

Mr Frydenberg’s responses covered a lot of ground, and it’s likely his department contributed to the briefing notes, so how closely did his interview stick to the mandated mantra?

On the drought

TALKING POINTS: “As the Prime Minister has said, supporting drought affected communities remains our Government’s most urgent priority.”

MR FRYDENBERG: “When it comes to the drought, as the Prime…

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