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Did you know that having open pores improves the quality of your shave? Warm water isn’t always enough to do the trick, which is why hot lather machines are essential for the frequent shaver.

Shaving is as much personal grooming as it is personal style. Hot lather machines turn what can be tedious into a graceful act of self-care. Once the shave gel, cream, or lotion reaches an optimal temperature in the machine, simply slather it on and begin shaving. Because your pores open due to the heat of the lotion, you’ll accomplish a closer shave with less razor burn.

If you’re ready to treat yourself with a barbershop-quality hot lather machine, take a look at our definitive buying guide. We’re including our top pick, the Wahl Professional Hot Lather Machine, which has a modern design and comes with a bottle of Wahl’s own lather liquid.

Considerations when choosing hot lather machines

Lather capacity

Hot lather machines can hold between eight and 20 ounces of shaving cream. If you shave often and use cream generously, it’s a good idea to opt for a larger capacity unit to reduce the amount of refill times. To compare lather capacities, those labeled “personal” tend to be smaller, whereas professional units have the largest.

Heating time

The average hot lather machine takes about 30 minutes to heat, so if you have an early-morning rush, you’ll need to work it into your schedule. There are some models that heat in less than five minutes. At the opposite end of the spectrum, others take as much as one hour to reach optimal temperature.

Temperature adjustments

This is a feature worth exploring, especially if you’re particular about reaching the perfect temperature for each shave. Another reason it’s worth considering is because shaving cream, gel, and lotion all warm at different speeds. If you have the luxury of adjusting the feed, you’ll be able to pinpoint how long it takes to warm each one.


Hot lather machines generally fall into two categories: personal and professional models. Personal models can be any size; though, their performance and temperature consistency can vary dramatically. Professional models are those designed for all-day use in barbershops. As you can expect, they excel in both of the aforementioned areas. With that said, all hot lather machines, like any other electronic devices, have design flaws, so it’s not unusual to experience quirks in your model.


Shaving accessories

Some hot lather machines come with their own shaving accessories, including a shave brush and lather bowl. Certain models have these features built into their overall design, while others simply include them individually. If you’re new to using both, you’ll pour the hot lather into the bowl, and then use the brush to evenly distribute it around your face.

Automatic shutoff

Hot lather machines with an automatic shutoff feature are essential to the busy person who can be forgetful in the middle of the morning rush. After a period of inactivity, the…

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