Marrying Consumer And Enterprise Markets

Marrying Consumer And Enterprise Markets

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Innovation and world-class user experiences are two of the most challenging items for any technology vendor to execute on. Smartphone manufacturers have chased this holy grail for decades and have succeeded in many ways. However, innovation and user experience (UX) aren’t standing still. Brilliant screens, camera improvements, and voice assistants are examples of enhancements that are now considered table stakes. Increasingly the battleground for innovation is moving toward the elusive notion of UX.

While hardware innovation continues to be necessary, software innovations are what’s needed to create differentiation. It’s with this in mind that, I attended Samsung’s recent Galaxy Note launch event. Samsung launched new products across its entire mobile platform in the weeks leading up to the event. While the invitation highlighted the Samsung Note smartphone line, the event content showcased a myriad of hardware innovations that ranged from smartphones to tablets, P.C.s and smartwatches. For example, prominently featured products included the Samsung Tab, Galaxy Book as well as new smartphones.

In a surprise move, the company launched two Galaxy Note smartphones at the event. The new Note family offers two screen sizes each with S pen. The smaller of the two devices, the Note 10, offers consumers a 6.3-inch Cinematic Infinity Display while the Galaxy Note10+ showcases a larger 6.8-inches display while maintaining a similar size to the previous generation.

The Galaxy Note line, with its S Pen, is targeted at consumers that value productivity and creativity in a platform. The Note family offers a combination of the S pen, an intelligent long-lasting battery and SuperFast charging features that provide a good balance of useful innovation at the right price. In a saturated market, it makes sense that Samsung would focus on capturing latent demand from consumers that wanted a smaller device with the functionality that the S pen. However, it’s difficult for smartphone manufacturers to create differentiation amongst the various smartphone platforms. At this point, I believe we’ve reached the limit micro-segmentation with the Samsung line.

DJ Koh: The foundation of trust is of experience innovation

Samsung is known for its hardware innovation, such as the Galaxy Fold with a foldable screen. Increasingly, Samsung’s events have showcased software innovation. DJ Koh, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics, used his time on stage to discuss experience innovation. The software updates to the S-pen provide examples of experience innovation within the Samsung portfolio. Software enhancements such as converting handwritten notes to text and providing the ability to export text to other non-Samsung applications such as Microsoft Word improve platform usability. Additionally, Air actions offer new experiences by allowing a person to control…

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