Campaigner calls for regulatory action on European pesticides

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Pesticide campaigner demands additional safety measures

Regulators must take action on pesticides in European food, according to campaign group PAN Europe. It cited a the annual report published by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) which says over a quarter of the food consumed in Europe contains residues of two or more pesticides.

For certain foods the situation is much worse, said PAN Europe. More than 60% of the popular summer fruits tested (currants, sweet cherries, strawberries and bananas) come with pesticide ‘cocktails’, it said.

According to PAN Europe, regulators are currently carrying out safety assessments on single pesticides, and failing to assess for pesticide mixtures present in food. This situation not only fails to address the EU law requirements, but it also puts consumer health at risk in a clear violation of human rights, it claimed.

Angeliki Lysimachou, Science Policy Officer of PAN Europe, said: “The rate of exposure to pesticide mixtures has increased in the past years and while regulators are – for over a decade now – promising to develop an assessment protocol for mixtures, consumers have become ‘guinea pigs’. We call upon our regulators to immediately place an additional safety factor for mixtures and stop pretending that chemical mixtures are safe.”   

EIT Food selects third round of RisingFoodStars

EIT Food has selected 14 mature agrifood startups from 10 different countries into the third cohort of its RisingFoodStars community intended to drive disruption of the food system.

This next phase of expansion to our scaleup association strengthens our commitment to transforming the food system by scaling agrifood companies in an international context who are actively driving the innovations of the future​,” said EIT Food.

Those accepted are:

Amai Proteins​ (IL) – produces healthy, tasty and cost-effective proteins for the mass food market

Urban Crop Solutions​ (BE) – provides total solutions for indoor vertical farming

Trellis AI​ (IL) – a food system intelligence platform with real time data management and market intelligence over the entire food chain

Team30MHz ​(NL) – a digital platform for all indoor farming with wireless sensors allowing real-time remote crop monitoring on any device

Fruitsapp ​(IT) – a B2B Marketplace for the fresh produce industry, connecting companies based on their complementary needs

Connecting Food​ (FR) – allows digital B2B food auditing in real time from farm to fork and demonstrates to consumers proof that brands respect commitments and fair-trade practices

Wasteless Ltd​ (IL) – real-time dynamic pricing engine for fresh food that allows supermarkets to promote products with a shorter expiration date on the shelves

Mimica ​(UK) – focuses on food expiry labelling, Mimica Touch shows food freshness and spoilage in real time, by change in texture

SIA Agroplatforma​ (LV) – develops a grain trading platform connecting farmers…

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