5 Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Success Stories To Draw Inspiration From

5 Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Success Stories To Draw Inspiration From

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Msrketing and eCommerce success stories can show innovative ways of succeeding in business

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In today’s highly competitive e-commerce and digital marketing world it is not easy for a company to stand out. Many startups facing great odds of even making it and end up falling or being absorbed by bigger companies along the way. However, some incredible success stories have also arisen that are worth learning from and aspiring to in order to learn how to follow in their footsteps. One thing to take away form these individuals is many of them started out from humble beginnings, but had a drive to succeed despite the odds. They relied on unique products, innovative methods of marketing, and finding the right people to surround themselves with in order to keep going.

1. Driving E-commerce Logistics the Smart Way

If you want to build a successful e-commerce brand, particularly your own platform for transactions, you need to find the right logistics behind it. One such company focusing on the logistics part of the business, namely drop shipping, is uDroppy. The company focuses on sourcing, fulfillment and shipping and can alleviate this burden for companies that want to focus on their main tasks of marketing, development of their platforms or product design.

Udroppy was by Luca Borreani and Nicolo Manica. Both are Italian-born entrepreneurs and world traveled. What makes their story interesting is that they actually paid for their master’s degrees (both hold multiple each) with money they generated form marketing campaigns. They continue to be an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs and marketing professionals worldwide. Sometimes all it takes is a good idea or simple concept and with the right people behind it, the idea can turn into something special.

“The concept was really simple at the beginning: creating a B2B platform that connects E-Commerce stores, both using dropshipping and warehouse business models, to suppliers,” according to their profile on Ideamensch.

2. Teaching Marketing Strategies Through Online Coursework

Another success story worth taking a look at and be aspired from is that of Eric Dyck from iStack Training. This is an educational community with courses available, events, podcasts and other advice that can help aspiring online marketers and e-commerce hopefuls gain some useful knowledge in the field.

Eric has a captivating and interesting history as he originally started as an independent affiliate and promoted toolbar downloads on Google Adwords. He specializes in “performance marketing” and focuses on helping entrepreneurs and marketers leverage their technical skillsets associated with digital and online marketing campaigns.

3. Leveraging Online Privacy to Start a Successful Venture

Online privacy is a very hot topic today due to the many controversies that stemmed over the last couple of years from Wikileaks revelations of NSA eavesdropping…

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