Three best robotic vacuums – Hartford Courant

Three best robotic vacuums – Hartford Courant

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If your vacuum cleaner has been collecting dust, you’ll be glad to know there’s another option for keeping your home clean. Today, robotic vacuums clean up dirt, dust, and other debris – all without requiring you to push a vacuum around.

Robotic vacuums are designed to clean a space as thoroughly as possible. Once you activate a robotic vacuum, it starts cleaning instantly. Then, after the robotic vacuum is done it returns to its charging station.

There’s plenty to like about robotic vacuums. Lots of robotic vacuums are available, too. To help you find the right robotic vacuum, we’re here to provide buying recommendations and tips.

Considerations when choosing robotic vacuums

As you shop for a robotic vacuum, here are some of the factors you’ll want to consider:

Floor type: Robotic vacuums generally perform great on all types of surfaces. If you have linoleum or tile floors, however, tiny surface gaps sometimes interrupt a robotic vacuum while it’s cleaning. Meanwhile, low-end robotic vacuums rarely work on low pile carpet. Some may also struggle going from hardwood floor to high pile carpet.

Home or office layout: Sometimes, large lips between rooms help hide seams between two types of surfaces, but they may also cause a robotic vacuum to stop working. To manage this issue, purchase a robotic vacuum that can seamlessly move from one room to the next, regardless of surface or bumps.

Battery life: Top-of-the-line robotic vacuums may clean up to 2 hours on a single charge. A large battery usually indicates a robotic vacuum can clean a spacious home or office on a single charge.

Surface debris: If you regularly clean up pet hair, kids’ spills, and assorted surface debris, choose a heavy-duty robotic vacuum designed to help you instantly handle these issues.


Robotic vacuums are often loaded with features. Some of the key features to consider as you evaluate robotic vacuums include:

Mobile app: Certain robotic vacuums work in conjunction with a mobile app. That way, you can download an app onto your smartphone or tablet and use it to control your robotic vacuum from any location, at any time.

Voice control: If you own an Amazon Echo or other smart speaker, you may use be able to use your speaker to control your robotic vacuum with your voice.

Smart sensors: Some robotic vacuums include smart sensors to navigate carpets and floors and adapt to furniture and other potential obstacles.

Drop sensing: Thanks to a robotic vacuum that includes drop sensing technology, you can reduce the risk that your vacuum will fall down stairs or off ledges.

Robotic vacuum price ranges

Set a budget before you shop for a robotic vacuum. Robotic vacuum prices range from $200 to $1,000, and if you have a budget in place, you can narrow your search accordingly.

Basic robotic vacuums are usually priced between $200 and $500. These vacuums tend to be simple to use and provide excellent choices in apartments, condos, and other compact spaces.


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