Credit Restored for Consumer Fined for Negative Online Review

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Credit Restored for Consumer Fined for Negative Online Review
Article from KUTV 2News:
(KUTV) “Horrible customer service practices.”  Those are the words Jen Palmer posted to about the online retailer, She was angry after a 2008 Christmas present ordered for her from the website went undelivered and attempts to communicate with the company were futile.

“I have the right to tell somebody else these guys ripped me off,” she said.

That negative review resulted in Jen’s husband being sent a bill for $ 3,500. says Jen violated the terms of sale, which specifically prohibits, “taking any action that negatively impacts, its reputation, products, services, management or employees.”

“This is fraud,” Jen said. “They’re blackmailing us for telling the truth.”

That bill was sent to a collection agency and her husband’s credit took a huge hit.

When Get Gephardt first reported Jen’s story last November she told us she wants the ding off her husband’s credit report. Now more than three months later, Jen’s want has become a reality.

After our original story aired, Washington, D.C. based Public Citizen, a litigation group, sued on behalf of Jen and her husband. Also named in the suit is the debt collector, Fidelity Information Corporation.

According to Public Citizen, the collection agency has done an independent review of the case and reported to the credit agencie…………………continues on KUTV 2News
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