Consumer Review Credibility, Brand Marketing and Social Media

Consumer Review Credibility, Brand Marketing and Social Media

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Consumer Review Credibility, Brand Marketing and Social Media
Article from Huffington Post:

Amazon and other sites have shown that shoppers consider product reviews an accurate way to gauge consumer experiences, and a site known for independent and trusted reviews reached out this week to marketers.

In an age of social media, brands cannot ignore the voice of the people. The challenge, however, is building consumer engagement that does not game the system.

Viewpoints, a consumer reviews platform, launched Pulse for brands to listen to and engage more directly with consumers.

“For the first time we’re giving the brands, the owners of the products, the ability to now claim those products and collect reviews… manage those reviews and promote them,” founder and CEO Matt Moog told me.

Viewpoints has collected nearly 600,000 reviews of more than 37,000 products and 450 categories in seven years. The site attempts to verify reviewers, and uses an editorial process before publishing reviews.

Viewpoints reviewers complete a proactive disclosure form, including required Federal Trade Commission (FTC) disclosure of any payments or products received. Beyond this, every review…………………continues on Huffington Post
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Gatwick Airport prepares to review consumer, digital PR
Article from PRWeek:

WEST SUSSEX, ENGLAND: Gatwick Airport is in the early stages of drawing up a search for its consumer and digital PR accounts, which are handled by the Red Consultancy and Rabbit, respectively.

The review comes as the airport seeks to move on from winter chaos and show off its global credentials to consumers while the UK government considers how best to grow Britain’s transportation capacity. 

Gatwick media relations manager Heather Griffiths said both agencies had been invited to re-pitch for the work, with the formal procurement process likely to begin next month.

Referencing Gatwick’s sale by Heathrow Airport owner BAA to Global Infrastructure Partners, she said that “Gatwick has come a long way in four-and-a-half years of new ownership and has really transformed not just in terms of its facilities but how it is perceived.”

“Traditionally it has been a leisure airport, but there is a growing business element to it, and it now serves a lot more long-haul routes,” Griffiths said. “It’s about changing the perception of it from a ‘bucket and spade’ [vacation airport] to a world-class facility.”

Gatwick has pledged to spend a further £1 billion on the airport between this year and 2019 as it makes the case for a new runway in the South East amid fraught political considerations.

In a report released earlier this m…………………continues on PRWeek
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