2011 Performance Review For Seven Well Known Apparel Brands

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2011 Performance Review For Seven Well Known Apparel Brands
News from Seekingalpha.com:

Most of us have heard that the necessities in life are food, clothing and shelter and some may argue that investing in necessities is a sensible place to start. This article reviews the 2011 equity performance of seven clothing manufacturers. Several other apparel manufacturers exist, but these seven represent numerous segments and price-options.

Beyond being a necessity, most of the better recognized clothing makers are brands that consumers use to show others their social status, wealth, income and lifestyle. An investor might define a luxury good as one for which demand increases as income rises. With a luxury brand’s demand rising relative to income, luxury brands are often not valued relative to the necessity that they serve, but instead to the social message they convey. Additionally, some product-types can have several tiers of luxury options, even where no option is prohibitively expensive.

Several apparel manufacturers are deemed the ma…………… continues on Seekingalpha.com

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Chicago Tribune What’s Your Problem? column
News from TMCnet:

Jan 01, 2012 (Chicago Tribune – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) — It’s a new year, and once again time to renew our vows to be good consumers.

Raise your right hand, place your left hand on the newspaper and repeat after me: I resolve to fight bad service. I won’t let big corporations kick me around. If I get overcharged, I will demand a refund. I will check my utility bills, credit card statements and bank accounts religiously to ensure there are no erroneous charges.

I will not give my hard-earned cash to just anyone. When I hire a contractor, I will check his or her credentials and scour reviews online before signing a contract.

Speaking of which, I will read all contracts, no matter how mind-numbingly boring. I will know exactly what I’m agreeing to before signing on the dotted line.

I will ask for promises in writing. A customer service agent can tell me anything over the phone, but I…………… continues on TMCnet

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